KivaKaveri offers many beautiful, ecological and domestic products for the fundraising of schools, sport clubs and associations. Many of the products are made in Finland. We proudly represent non-additive spices of Kanelimamma packaged in ecological packaging. There are also lovely toffee in our selection.

All products are packaged in beautiful packages so that they are perfectly suitable as gifts. KivaKaveri offers a wide range of different items, so you will surely find a lot of products for yourself and for your friend. Please start a selling campaign today!

Profit is always 3€ per product. Collect easily money for the school or sport team.

Why to choose KivaKaveri?

  • KivaKaveri offers wide range of products made in Finland; we also have many items packed in ecological packaging.

  • All items are packaged beautifully and they are suitable as gifts

  • Good profit for the sellers; always 3 € per package

  • Free delivery to Finland (min. order 500 €)

  • We will send a gift for the person who has been responsible for the campaign when the total order is 500 €.

  • Products are easy to carry 

Please check out the products by ordering the free brochure.

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